Anesthesia Chambers – New Design

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The Anesthesia Chambers have been completely redesigned to provide a simple and safe method of induction!

In January 2016 Lyon Technologies launched the new Anesthesia Chambers that now incorporates labyrinth seals at all body joints and improved lid sealing for greater efficiency and durability.

The Anesthesia Chambers have tight seals for staff safety and reduced gas loss. It is available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

With this great new improvements Lyon has ensured that professionals have a safer and more effective chamber to provide the best care possible to their patients.

Our products have been tested by professionals in veterinary hospitals, emergency clinics, teaching hospitals, rescue facilities and zoological parks. They are USA made which results in lower shipping costs, meaning it can be sent to you at exceptional pricing, even for international customers.

Our company has been manufacturing in the USA since 1915 and is established in San Diego, California. Lyon designs, manufactures and manages their supply chain across 150 + Distributors worldwide.

Lyon Technologies, Inc. can be contacted by either visiting our website at, emailing us at or calling 1-888-LYONUSA (1-888-596-6872).



vet pictures 002
912-013 Small Anesthesia Chamber
vet pictures 017
912-014 Medium Anesthesia Chamber
vet pictures 019
912-015 Large Anesthesia Chamber


Anesthesia Chamber Extra Large 04-2
912-076 Extra Large Anesthesia Chamber

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