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Critical Care Unit: Common Questions & Answers

Here at Lyon, we understand how important it is to be able to provide heat, oxygen, and nebulization/humidification for critically ill, pre-op/post-op, and neonatal patients. Our Critical Care Units provide everything you need to take care of the aforementioned patients. Due to the increased volume of inquiries for these units, we have provided you below with Q&A to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions from veterinary personnel.

Q: (a) How is the heat supplied? (b) Does the unit achieve a desirable thermal range? (c) How quickly and accurately does the unit get to a pre-determined temperature?

 A: (a) The heating on Lyon’s Critical Care Units works by convection with forced air. The heated air blows underneath the removable floor, passes over the Soda Lime bar, and then enters into patient’s area from the back wall. The air is simultaneously being pulled in underneath the flooring which creates a circulation of air throughout the cabinet, as well as heating the patient’s floor. 

       (b) The heat range is from your ambient temperature up to 98ºF.

(c) How quickly it will take for the unit to reach a pre-determined temperature depends on the ambient temperature, your desired temperature, and the size of the unit. 

Q: Are all parts assessable for cleaning/disinfecting and will they withstand such treatments?

 A: All parts can be cleaned except for the fan and heater. There is a removable floor and the bottom bracket can be removed to ensure everything can be as clean as possible. A disinfectant can also be run through the nebulizer in order to disinfect the entire unit between patients. The unit and the floor are powder coated steel, and can withstand the higher temperatures as well as disinfecting.

Q: Overall cage durability?

 A: Lyon’s units are made to be robust and simple to use. They can last for many years if well kept.

Q: Nebulizer or humidifier capable?

 A: A nebulizer is built in to the door of the unit. It can be used to administer medication, add humidity, or disinfect the unit between patients.

Q: Oxygen ready or compatible?

 A: Lyon’s Critical Care Units are fitted with a DISS 1240 Male Oxygen Body adapter. For oxygen ministration, connect the oxygen source to the oxygen connection and adjust the flow meter to the desired flow rate. The units come with an oxygen sensor designed to monitor the percentage of oxygen saturation inside the cabinet. If your hoses do not fit the adapter provided, please contact your oxygen supplier, and they will be able to supply you with a different style fitting.

Q: Is the temperature/humidity automatically or manually controlled?

 A: The unit will control the temperature automatically when in ‘Heat Mode’ and ‘Cooldown Mode’. To increase humidity as needed, simply add distilled water to the nebulizer, and run your oxygen through the nebulizer. For cooling, ThermaFreeze Icepacks are placed underneath the removable flooring in ‘Cooldown Mode’ to decrease the temperature inside the cabinet, as well as provide a directly cool area for the patient to lie on.

Q: Controls and monitors humidity?

 A: The units do not create humidity, they only monitor it and trigger the alarm when the humidity goes out of your preset range. To increase humidity as needed, simply add distilled water to the nebulizer, and run your oxygen through the nebulizer.

Q: Built-in food bowls, perches?

 A: Both are optional (food bowls and removable perches) through our Dog & Cat Kit or our Bird Kit. These kits also include Dri-Dek flooring.

Q: Size and portability of the unit? 

 A: Lyon’s CCUs are available in 5 sizes (the sizes reflect the interior width of the cabinets): 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches. Sizes 18, 24 and 36 were designed to sit on your countertop, but carts with shelves and locking casters are also available for these units. Sizes 48 and 60 come with locking casters under the unit, and they remain on the floor. Critical Cage Banks can be made by stacking the CCU 18, 24, or 36 on top of the 48 and/or 60. If you need to conserve space, we offer Oxygen Therapy Doors custom-made to retrofit customer’s existent cage.

Q: Customer support?

 A: Our sales representatives are available from Mon- Fri to answer any questions regarding all of our products. All of our Critical Care and Oxygen Therapy Doors include our lifetime loaner program.  In the event there is a problem with the unit, it is likely that the problem occurred in the control box, which is where all the electrical components are located. Lyon will ship you a loaner console with a return shipping label to bring your broken console for repair. If you’re within your two-year warranty, this program will be at no cost to you. If you’re outside your warranty, you will only have to pay for the cost of shipping. There are no other fee or meter payments for the loaner. Please contact customer support for further information. 

Q: Appropriate for multiple species?

 A: Our units available in different sizes to accommodate a vast number of species of varying sizes. Multiple patients can be placed in any one single unit, however, there is not currently an option available with a divider. This is due to the fact that the parameters on both sides of the dividers often will not be the same.

Q: Cost?

 A: Lyon’s Critical Care Units were designed to be robust and simple to use, which makes it easier for the customer to operate them and helps Lyon keep the prices down. Other units more sophisticated and complex are offered in the market, but they cost almost 3 times more than our units. Our prices range from $3,800 – $14,900 (including Oxygen Therapy Doors. Critical Care Units, and Critical Care Banks). 


                                     Critical Care Bank with units of sizes 18, 36 and 60 inches.

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