Gauge: BPX Waterless


(USE WITH U BRACKET 120-008) Day old Beak-Heat-Treating (searing) is probably the most common method of  beak trimming broilers. In this method, the top curved surface of the upper beak is touched to a hot blade. After the bird has learned to eat and drink the beak tip drops off, presenting no problems. Properly done, this method usually suffices until market time. In addition to flat blades (BC, IRXW), curved blades to sear a notch in the upper beak can be used
(DL, DLX, LD, plus DL2 and MN-2 for beak trimming 2 birds at once).

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This gauge is used for precision beak trimming on all Lyon beak trimmers. *0.203, 0.193, 0.187 inches


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