Magpies might appear black and white, but they have iridescent blue and green feathers that shimmer in the sunlight,

Magpies are one of the few non-human animals capable of recognizing themselves in a mirror.

Magpies are notorious for their inclination to collect shiny objects. However, recent studies suggest

that their attraction might also be driven by their curiosity and not solely by the shine.

These avian marvels are not just skilled mimics of other bird calls, but they can also imitate human voices and even mimic barking dogs or meowing cats!

Magpies are highly social birds and have a strict hierarchy within their groups. Their interactions involve intricate rituals that reflect their complex social structure.

To protect their nests from potential predators, magpies have been observed using impressive deception tactics like building "false" nests and making

While magpies are omnivores, they have a preference for insects during the breeding season to ensure proper protein intake for their growing chicks.

These birds are excellent fliers and have been known to engage in impressive mid-air somersaults and flips, displaying their agility and prowess.

Magpies have a wide array of vocalizations, each with its own distinct meaning.