Black Skimmers sport an extraordinary bill that's longer than their legs! This specialized tool helps them skim

They use their iconic bill to "skim" the water's surface, snapping their jaws shut when they detect a fish.

Black Skimmers are primarily nocturnal feeders, making them unique among shorebirds.

Witness their courtship ritual, which involves aerial displays, bill touches, and synchronized movements

1. Black Skimmers are devoted parents. Both parents take turns incubating eggs and feeding the chicks.

Their striking orange eyes can change color with age. Young Black Skimmers have dark eyes

These birds are long-distance travelers, often migrating thousands of miles between breeding and wintering grounds.

Black Skimmers can hover like hummingbirds while hunting for prey, a sight to behold.

Unlike most birds that nest in trees or shrubs, Black Skimmers prefer nesting on sandy beaches or gravel bars.

1. In some populations, females are larger than males, which is a rarity in the bird kingdom.