Bixby embarks on a quest to find the most extraordinary treasures to adorn his bower. He explores the jungle 

Each treasure he collects is showcased in a visually stunning section of the web story, complete with images 

As Bixby gathers more treasures for his bower, he crosses paths with Rascal, a rival bowerbird with a penchant for mischief. 

Rascal tries to sabotage Bixby's efforts and steal his treasures, leading to a thrilling showdown. 

Readers can participate in interactive games and puzzles that mimic the challenges Bixby faces. 

After overcoming numerous obstacles and outwitting Rascal, Bixby finally completes his bower.  

The grand reveal is a visually stunning part of the web story, with 360-degree views, audio, and animations 

The moment of truth arrives as Bixby invites Bella to his bower. Readers can influence the story's outcome 

helping Bixby impress Bella with his treasures and charm. Will Bella be won over by Bixby's efforts 

The web story concludes with Bella's decision, providing different possible endings based on the reader's choices throughout the story