Once upon a time, in the charming coastal town of Pelicanville, there was a unique

group of friends who shared a passion for cars and all things mechanical.

Their lives revolved around engines, gears, and the thrill of the open road.

They were known throughout the town as the "Pelican Parts Crew."

bursting with creativity. He ran a small auto repair shop named "Pelican Parts,"

where the crew would gather to share stories, work on their own projects, and help

One sunny morning, as the crew sipped on their morning coffee, Alex excitedly announced,

"I've got an idea, folks! How about we organize a 'Pelicanville Car Festival'?

We could showcase our own custom rides, offer workshops, and even raise money for a local charity!"

The crew loved the idea, and they immediately set to work. Sarah, the artistic genius of the group