In a lush and vibrant forest, nestled among towering trees and bubbling streams, lived a little bird named Percy.

Percy was no ordinary bird; he had the peculiar habit of always seeking out dirt and dust.

While other birds flaunted their clean and pristine feathers, Percy reveled in his dirt-covered plumage.

Percy's antics puzzled his feathered friends. They couldn't fathom why he would deliberately

choose to be dirty when they spent hours preening themselves to perfection. Yet, Percy was content.

He believed that his unique appearance made him stand out in the forest, and he relished the attention it brought.

One day, as Percy was enjoying his usual dirt bath, a wise old owl named Olliver approached him.

Olliver was known throughout the forest for his sagacious advice and deep knowledge of nature's ways.

With a gentle hoot, he said, "Dear Percy, have you ever considered why you embrace dirt so fervently?"

Percy looked up, his feathers caked with dirt, and tilted his head. "Well, it's just who I am, I suppose.