The Wryneck bird is a true artist of disguise. It can blend seamlessly with tree bark 

thanks to its mottled brown and gray plumage, making it nearly invisible to predators. 

Wrynecks are renowned for their ability to mimic snakes when threatened. 

1. They twist their heads in a snake-like manner, hiss, and even strike to deter predators.

These birds have an insatiable appetite for insects, especially ants.  

1. They use their long, sticky tongues to extract ants from their nests with incredible precision.

Unlike most birds, Wrynecks nest in tree cavities instead of building traditional nests.  

Wrynecks are migratory birds, traveling thousands of miles from Europe to sub-Saharan Africa during the winter months. 

When hunting for insects, Wrynecks bob their heads up and down 

Wryneck chicks are born with bright red throats. This unusual coloration helps them mimic toxic caterpillars