The Bearded Vulture is famous for its unique feeding behavior – it feasts primarily on bones.

It has the remarkable ability to crack open bones to access the nutritious marrow inside.

Their diet isn't limited to bones alone. These vultures have been spotted consuming a spectrum of colors due to their affinity for colorful feathers.

This behavior might be tied to territorial displays or mating rituals.

Bearded Vultures are known to build their nests at dizzying altitudes, often on cliff edges located thousands of feet above the ground.

Their red-colored feathers aren't just for show. The coloration comes from iron oxide in the soil they use to bathe,

acting as a natural sunscreen and helping maintain their plumage.

Bearded Vultures are supreme flyers, capable of soaring to astonishing heights and covering hundreds of kilometers in search of food.

These vultures are devoted partners. They form monogamous pairs that can last for years, collaborating closely in raising their chicks.

Bearded Vultures are incredibly loyal to their birthplace. They often return to the region where they hatched to build their own nests.