Male ruffed grouses create a mesmerizing drumming sound by rapidly beating their wings against the air.

This drumming isn't just for music—it's a unique courtship display that attracts females.

Ruffed grouses are masters of disguise. Their intricate feather patterns mimic the dappled sunlight falling through leaves,

In tune with the seasons, ruffed grouses change their plumage. They sport a reddish-brown hue in summer,

perfect for blending into the foliage, and shift to gray in winter to match the snow-covered landscape.

These birds have been around for a while. Ruffed grouses belong to one of the oldest bird families,

dating back millions of years, and have adapted remarkably well to their changing environments.

While they might seem like terrestrial birds, ruffed grouses are skilled fliers. They can burst into the air with a sudden burst of speed,

Ruffed grouses have a unique habit of diving into snowdrifts to roost during winter nights.

The insulating snow provides protection from predators and helps maintain their body temperature.