Tufted puffins are often referred to as the "clowns of the sea" due to their comical appearance with bright orange bills and tufted feathers. 

They are skilled burrow builders, creating intricate underground nests on remote cliffsides.

Tufted puffins can carry an astonishing 60 fish in their bills at once, making them exceptional hunters. 

These birds embark on long-distance migrations, traveling hundreds of miles in search of food. 

Tufted puffins are excellent divers, capable of plunging to depths of up to 200 feet to catch their prey. 

They have strong family bonds, often returning to the same nesting sites year after year. 

Tufted puffins are typically monogamous, forming dedicated pairs during the breeding season. 

Hidden beneath their striking plumage, tufted puffins possess small, sensory whiskers near their bills. 

To escape predators, they use swift and agile flight maneuvers, zigzagging through the sky. 

Tufted puffins are primarily nocturnal during the breeding season, staying active at night.