Scarlet Tanagers are incredibly secretive nest builders, often choosing hidden locations deep in the forest to raise their young. 

These birds embark on an epic journey each year, migrating from their breeding grounds in North America to South America. 

Despite their striking appearance, male Scarlet Tanagers are shy singers and often hide while serenading their potential mates. 

Their bright red plumage isn't permanent. In winter, they molt into a more camouflaged yellow-green color.

They have a sweet tooth for fruit, with wild berries being a favorite delicacy during the summer months. 

Female Scarlet Tanagers are masters of disguise, sporting a greenish-yellow plumage 

These birds are known for mimicking other bird species' calls, often confusing birdwatchers. 

Spotting a Scarlet Tanager can be a challenge as they tend to stay high in the treetops. 

Insects make up a significant part of their diet, and they're excellent at catching them mid-flight. 

Scarlet Tanagers prefer mature forests for nesting, relying on the forest's canopy for cover.