The American Dipper is the only North American songbird that's entirely aquatic. 

It hunts for insects underwater by walking on the streambeds and can even swim beneath the surface!

Regardless of freezing temperatures, American Dippers remain active all year round, braving icy waters to find food. 

Dippers are known for building their nests behind waterfalls, providing natural insulation and protection from predators. 

These birds are talented singers, with their melodious, high-pitched songs often accompanying their riverine adventures. 

Though small in stature, American Dippers have surprisingly large appetites, consuming up to 20% of their body weight in food daily. 

Their feathers have a special adaptation that helps insulate them from the cold water while diving and swimming. 

American Dippers have a translucent third eyelid, or nictitating membrane, that protects their eyes while submerged. 

Dippers are incredibly loyal to their partners and often stay together for multiple breeding seasons. 

These birds are territorial and engage in elaborate "dances" to assert their dominance over a particular stretch of river.