A distinctive feature that can help you differentiate between the two birds is the respective size of their wings.

Emus have small-sized disjunct wings. Ostriches have long wings clocking about 6 feet when measured.

Emus are farmed majorly for their meat and leather

whereas ostriches are mainly bred for their meat, eggs, and feathers.

If only the living species are accounted for, then there is a single existing species of Emu.

On the contrary, Ostriches are subdivided into two main species, namely: the Somali Ostrich and the Common Ostrich.

The laid eggs of both birds are distinctly different and could easily be told apart based on their color.

Emu eggs are bluish-green, whereas Ostriches lay cream-colored eggs.

1. When both the birds are studied based on their lifespans, Emus lose the battle as Ostriches enjoy longevity.

The ostriches win the race when both the birds are compared based on their running speeds